Say no and stand up to harassment, radicalisation, government abuses and modern slavery

What is the hidden evil?

As a lutonian convert to Islam I have been subjected to harassment since 2016 that I believe has been intended to put me under duress for, amongst other things, the purpose of radicalisation and ultimately terrorism.
I believe that, due to the breadth and nature of the harassment as well as the subsequent and consistent failings and mishandling by the police and their multi-agency partners in CONTEST/PREVENT, the harassment and also the grooming that I believe took place prior to it that involved members of the Muslim and wider community, could only be facilitated with abuses of both RIPA laws and counter extremism legislation and with the collaboration of elements within state departments including counter terrorism policing and their partners in intelligence and security, but also with the recruitment of other state services and organisations via the ever increasing outsourcing of powers and data sharing that is the model for the government’s CONTEST/PREVENT program.
I also believe that this situation is being enabled by the actions of intelligence/security assets within the Muslim and wider community who may be abusing privileged information and powers to engage in harassment, hostile/‘overt surveillance’ and other interferences with Sunni Muslims and others and which is being sanctioned by multi-agency CONTEST/PREVENT stakeholders, with little or no accountability.
I also believe that this type of covert harassment and grooming may also be a factor in incidents of modern slavery and forced marriage both within the Muslim community and the wider community.

It is these failings and the realisation that state services are failing many more people like myself that has motivated me to seek to establish some unity between those of us affected by it.

My aims are as follows:

* To raise awareness of harassment, radicalisation, modern slavery and forced marriage affecting the Muslim and wider community.

* To support Muslims and others who are being targeted for harassment.
* To establish a forum and support system for people who are being let down by state services.

* To establish a platform for legal redress and justice.

If you are affected by any of these issues please contact me via the site.

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