I would like to warn the Muslims to be wary of marriage in these times when there are people with unclear, unstable and mixed ideologies within the Sunni ‘Muslim’ community and who have emnity towards Islam and are supported by certain authorities in the wider community.
By Allah I nearly married an individual who I now suspect was/still is involved with MOD/intelligence/security services.
I was at the time an attendee of Luton Islamic Centre where another former attendee, Abdul Wahab al Abdaly, was involved in the Stockholm 2010 bombing- I believe he was radicalised under duress in the same manner that was attempted with myself, covert harassment, and ended up married to who I believe may have been an agent who may have been used to control and manage him prior to the bombing.
Incidentally pipe bombs were used in the Stockholm attack, the same device which an individual who befriended me attempted to incite me to make, and whom I suspect to be involved in radicalisation and the harassment I have been subjected to.
Bedfordshire police Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) have been made aware of all of this and I am currently a self referral to PREVENT which I believe ERSOU along with Luton Borough Council have consistently mishandled and which I believe may have been stymied in an attempt to protect state intelligence assets and illegal and unethical operations within Luton’s Muslim and wider community.
I wish to raise awareness about this situation which I believe is affecting innocent Muslims and others.
Be wary of these people Muslims, by Allah they are shayateen.

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