imageI am a salafi revert and I have been targeted for harassment by individuals from the Muslim and non Muslim community including individuals from the salafi community here in Luton UK, which I believe is for the intention of putting me under duress and control for the purpose of radicalisation and terrorism.
I am currently on a Prevent referral.
I believe there may be people ascribing to salafiyah and Islam in general in the UK Muslim community who hold an unclear mixed and unstable ideology which is at variance with Sunni Islam not to mention salafiyah, and who may be Shia orientated and that these people may be being utilised by counter terrorism policing and government intelligence and security services as human intelligence assets and in turn due to their ideologically opposed beliefs, may be utilising and abusing counter extremism and anti terror legislation and privileged intelligence and information to harass, oppress and commit other offences including modern slavery, forced marriage and domestic abuse and other interferences, and even to radicalise into terrorist acts, vulnerable Sunni Muslims, even while they outwardly appear to call to and promote salafiyah or other groups, understandings, or sects of Islam.
Muslims, please beware.

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